Can silicone rubber be vulcanized?

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Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is also called liquid silicone.Liquid silicone rubber can be vulcanized and molded in a normal temperature environment, while high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber needs to be vulcanized and molded in a high-temperature environment. This is the most obvious difference between the two.

Briefly summarize the difference between liquid silicone and high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Liquid silicone has a liquid appearance and can be vulcanized and molded under normal conditions, while high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has a solid appearance and needs to be molded under high-temperature vulcanization. Because they belong to the silicone rubber series, they also have certain points in common. They can withstand high and low temperatures, have excellent electrical insulation properties, can withstand ozone, weather aging, are water-repellent, moisture-proof, and have good physiological inertia. Both of them are widely used in life and industry.

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Liquid silica gel is mainly used on human body silica gel, printing silica gel, medical silica gel, mold silica gel, automobile and ship silica gel, military supplies silica gel, and aerospace special silica gel; while solid silica gel is mainly used in silica gel craft gifts, mechanical parts, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and sanitary ware. Above the sanitary ware, adult products and other industries.

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