How to distinguish true and false liquid silicone iPhone13 case?

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The liquid silicone iPhone case is not only soft to the hand, wear-resistant and non-slip, but also has good shock and drop resistance. Furthermore, the liquid silicone iPhone case has the advantages of slow aging speed, long service life, and good water resistance. Therefore, in recent years, Liquid silicone iPhone case is very popular. However, there are more and more "fake liquid silicone" mobile phone cases called liquid silicone on online shopping platforms. Although the price is particularly cheap, the hand feel is far different. Some merchants even sell fake liquid mobile phone cases at the price of real liquid silicone. The purpose of this article is to help you distinguish the difference between real and fake liquid silicone shells.


Liquid silica gel is in a liquid state and has fluidity. Liquid silicone is an injection-molded liquid silicone rubber. It is a translucent milky white liquid, a special synthetic elastic object generated under heating and pressurizing conditions. Since there is no vulcanizing agent injected into the liquid silica gel, the mobile phone case made from the liquid silica gel is not easy to turn yellow and has a longer service life.


The solid silica gel is in a solid form and has no fluidity. It is necessary to inject a vulcanizing agent during molding to speed up the molding speed, and open the mold to feed the material. The solid silica gel raw material is a piece of solid, which is cut into a suitable size and thickness through mixing and cutting, and then placed in a mold, and heated and pressurized under a molding machine to form.


Liquid silicone is a food-grade material with extremely high safety. The material is environmentally friendly. It is generally used in baby products, kitchen products, medical products, etc., and can directly contact food. This is why the liquid silicone phone case feels like a baby's skin.


Compared with solid silica gel, liquid silica gel has a stronger surface viscosity after being processed into a finished product. It is easy to re-moisturize after drying and is easy to stain. But this does not mean that solid silica gel is not easy to stain. Strong adsorption capacity, but the mobile phone case made of liquid silica gel is easier to clean.


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