What is the difference between a hard plastic phone case and a silicone phone case? How should we choose?

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  Different materials are suitable for different usage habits and different needs. Generally, the soft shell is made of silica gel. The advantage is that it has many shapes and good protection; the disadvantage is that it is thick and not resistant to dirt. The hard case can be very light and thin, so if you are looking for invisibility, you can choose a hard case. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to falling, and bad quality may even scratch the phone. If you are a person who frequently drops your mobile phone, you can consider using a soft case. If you can use it carefully, you can use an invisible hard case or even no case.

  So, how is silica gel produced? It is understood that there are two methods for producing silicone products, one is solid-molded products with mixed rubber, and the other is injection-molded products of liquid silicone rubber.

  Planetary mixer is the mechanical equipment used to produce silica gel. At present, common planetary mixers usually consist of two low-speed planetary stirring paddles (usually multi-inclined blade type, twist type, frame type), one or two high-speed planetary stirring paddles (dispersing discs) and wall scraping paddles. The advantages of the planetary mixer are: high efficiency, and its mixing principle determines its stronger mixing efficiency than ordinary mixers. It has a wide range of applications. Studies have shown that the planetary mixer can be applied to most materials with a viscosity of 1 million pcs and a solid content of less than 90%. With a variety of mixers and other auxiliary devices, it can completely replace most ordinary mixers on the market. 

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