How long is the best chewing gum?

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  The doctor recommends that chewing gum should not exceed 15 minutes, and people with stomach problems should not chew gum too much. In addition, chewing gum for too long, the chewing muscles are always in a tense state, it is possible to develop the habit of grinding teeth at night.

  Chewing gum can be divided into three types: plate chewing gum, bubble gum and sugar-coated chewing gum. Plate chewing gum is the main product in chewing gum, and it has the most sales. The characteristic of bubble gum is that the sugar body can be blown into film bubbles through oral exhalation. It is often used gum resin to strengthen the film strength. Sugar-coated chewing gum is coated with sugar on the surface of the chewing gum through a rotating kettle.

  Chewing gum is made with a kneader. The kneader is a kind of equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and polymerizing high-viscosity and ultra-high-viscosity elastoplastic materials into chemical products; it has complete functions, many varieties, and a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for plastics and rubber. , Silicone rubber, sealant, glass glue base, hot melt adhesive, food gum base, butyl glue, adhesive, silicone resin, pigment, ink, chewing gum, bubble gum, toffee, dough, plasticine, Aluminum and silver paste, paper pulp, pharmaceuticals, architectural coatings, cellulose, carbon, cellulosic CMC and other industries.

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