How do you make crystal clear epoxy resin?

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Creative videos of crystal epoxy crafts are common on social platforms. Epoxy resin crafts are simple and malleable, creative, and low-cost, attracting a large number of young people to buy epoxy resin.

Common crystal glue is mostly composed of epoxy resin, the main material is composed of epoxy resin and curing agent, crystal glue is liquid before curing, clear and transparent, and has low chemical odor. Crystal glue is divided into soft crystal glue and hard crystal glue, both of which are two-component liquids with high transparency. After the soft crystal glue is cured, it has good flexibility and can be bent for a long time without deformation. Even if a fingerprint is pinched on the surface, it will disappear after a few minutes.

Epoxy resin production line,reactor

The hard crystal glue is completely non-toxic and odorless after curing, and has high transparency. Rigid crystal glue has high hardness, and the hardness after curing is similar to that of plastic crystal glue. It can be divided into different varieties such as soft glue, hard glue, flat glue, curved glue and so on. It is mainly used for sign dropping and crafts production. Jewelry perfusion, electronic components potting and many other fields.

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