What is the best-selling and environmentally friendly architectural coating?

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Another biggest application of emulsion acrylic resin is architectural coatings, which account for a large share of the market and have a good market prospect.

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Water-based resins are classified according to their appearance, which can be divided into water-emulsion type, water-dispersible type and water-soluble type. Generally, what can be seen are water-based emulsion type acrylic resins, which is often referred to as acrylic emulsion. In fact, it is an emulsion type acrylic resin. Most of these products use acrylate monomers without methyl to react. Therefore, the glass transition temperature of these resins must be lower than that of solid acrylic resins. They have lower TG, so they are incomparable to other solid acrylic resins in some substrate (soft) applications. Especially softer substrate applications such as paper and leather are the best embodiment.

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