How to choose a powerful disperser and planetary mixer?

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  The powerful dispersing machine can also be widely used in adhesives, silicone sealants, silicone structural adhesives, vinyl, weather-resistant adhesives, mildew-resistant glass adhesives, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, pharmaceuticals and plastic industries and other industries.

  There are 3~4 different types of agitators in the strong dispersing machine kettle, and the other 2~3 stirring devices (high-speed dispersing paddle, high-speed emulsifier) rotate at high speed around their own axis at different speeds, so that the materials are complicated in the kettle. Movement, subject to intense shearing and kneading. One of the agitators rotates around the axis of the cylinder, scraping the raw materials stuck on the wall and bottom to participate in the mixing, making the mixing effect more ideal.

  Planetary mixer is suitable for mixing, reaction, dispersion, dissolution, multi-component solid-solid phase, solid-liquid phase, and liquid-liquid phase materials required by the chemical, light industry, food, battery, pharmaceutical, building materials, pesticide and other industries. Tempering and other processes, such as the preparation of inks, pigments, adhesives, sealants, encapsulation ointments, paste materials, greases, paints, paste cosmetics, additives and other high viscous materials.

  Planetary mixer is a new type of high-efficiency non-dead-point mixing and mixing equipment. It has a unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three agitators and one or two automatic scrapers in the kettle. While the agitator is revolving around the axis of the kettle body, It also rotates around its own axis at different speeds, so that the material moves in the kettle body in a complicated manner, and is subjected to strong shearing and kneading.

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