What is a horizontal ribbon mixer?

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  The horizontal ribbon mixer is composed of a U-shaped container, ribbon mixing blades and transmission components; ribbons are divided into continuous and disconnected types. The ribbon blades are generally made of double or triple layers, and the outer spiral will move the material from both sides to Converging in the center, the inner spiral transports the materials from the center to both sides to form a flow mixing.

  The ribbon mixer has a good effect on the mixing of viscous or cohesive powders and granules, as well as the mixing of liquid and paste materials added to the powders and granules. The cylinder cover can be made into a fully open door to facilitate cleaning of the equipment .

  A jacket can be added outside the barrel of the mixer, and the material can be cooled or heated by injecting cold and hot media into the jacket;

  The discharging form is generally a pneumatic (manual) flap valve. The arc valve is tightly embedded in the barrel and flush with the inner wall of the barrel. There is no material accumulation and mixed dead angle phenomenon. The reliable side strip seal ensures that leakage occurs during frequent switching. .

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