Power mixer capable of making paste cosmetics

2021-10-27 16:53:37 admin 4

Power mixers are widely used in solid-solid, solid-liquid, liquid-liquid material mixing, reaction, dispersion, grinding, dissolution, homogenization, Processes such as emulsification. It is an ideal equipment for the production of inks, pigments, adhesives, sealants, ointments, paste-like materials, greases, paste-like cosmetics, emulsions, paste-like foods and additives.

The unique mixing mechanism is adopted, and the lower material barrel is fixed; the dispersing disc and the mixing paddle realize the planetary movement of both revolution and rotation, and the speed can be adjusted and variable. Make the materials move in a complicated way, subject to strong shearing and kneading, the materials can be fully dispersed and mixed, and no mixing dead spots will appear. An automatic wall scraping mechanism is designed in the kettle to scrape off the materials attached to the kettle wall to continue mixing. The equipment is uniquely sealed and can be pressurized or vacuumed to remove air bubbles.

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