What is a scrubbing equipment that is easy to operate and can improve work efficiency?

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The cylinder washing machine is designed for the cleaning of the cylinder body in the production of various sealant chemical products. It is composed of frame, transmission, locking, scrubbing, flushing, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric cabinet system. The working principle is that the motor reducer drives the main shaft to rotate. The main shaft is equipped with three sets of copper brush holders that can be retracted and opened. A cylinder applies a certain pressure to the copper brush to make the copper brush close to the wall of the material tank for washing. At the same time, the diaphragm pump regularly sprays cleaning liquid into the kettle to achieve the effect of washing while washing. The cleaning liquid can be recycled.

The working process of the cylinder washing machine is automatic control, washing and washing, and the machine replaces the workers, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity, has a reasonable structure, is convenient to operate, and uses a washing equipment with good effect.

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