What are the features of the kneader?

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  For some slurries with higher viscosity and poor fluidity, as well as materials that cannot be processed by general mixers and mixers, such as plastic solids, the effect of kneader processing is better. The kneader generally mixes the materials locally first, and then mixes them as a whole, which has the functions of kneading, kneading and blending. The kneader must give the material a certain amount of squeezing force, shearing force, folding force, etc., in order to make the material evenly mixed. Therefore, the blades of the kneader are extraordinarily strong and must be able to withstand huge forces. Therefore, the shell of the container also has Sufficient strength and rigidity.

  The kneader is a horizontal structure with two parallel paddles. In order to ensure the chemical properties of the material remain unchanged, all parts in contact with the material, such as mixing paddles, wall panels, etc., must be stainless steel parts and have corrosion resistance.

  The working principle of the kneader: the agitator is composed of one or two mixing shafts, the main shaft speed is 20-200 r/min, and the counter shaft is used as a cleaning shaft to clean the materials adhering to the main mixing shaft for better mixing Stir. The material is turned on the side wall of the mixing chamber, and the mixing chamber is continuously pushed forward in the axial direction. At the same time, the mixing shaft acts on the scraper or cleaning shaft on the inner wall to make the material fully mixed in the radial direction, and the material does not adhere to the process In the chamber, the materials are finally mixed evenly, forming a uniformly dispersed system.

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