What conditions should be paid attention to when choosing a reactor?

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   The reactor is a non-standard customized pressure operation equipment, so it should be customized according to the requirements of process parameters:
1. Reactor process parameter condition diagram:
Including: medium name, nature of medium material, working temperature, working pressure, effective volume of reactor, ratio of height to diameter, heat exchange method, stirring form, stirring shaft power, speed, site conditions, etc.
2. Equipment production requirements: verticality, smoothness, precision of agitator, etc.
3. Equipment experiment and acceptance.


   The reactor should be placed in a high-pressure operating room that meets the requirements of explosion-proof. When there are multiple reactors in the equipment, they should be placed separately. There should be a reliable explosion-proof high wall separation between each two. Each operating room has a direct access to the outdoors. Or at the exit of the channel, when there is an explosive medium, the address of the equipment should be ensured, and the ventilation should be good.

  The reactor controller and the controller should be placed flat on the operating table. The operating environment temperature is 10-40℃, the relative humidity is less than 85%, and the surrounding medium does not contain conductive dust or corrosive gas. Fixed contact check: Check whether the movable parts and fixed contacts on the front panel and the rear panel are normal, remove the upper cover, and check whether the connector touch is loose, whether there is damage or rust due to improper transportation and storage. Connect all the wires, including the power wire, the electric furnace wire between the controller and the kettle, the motor wire, the temperature sensor and the tachometer wire.

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