How to choose a kneader?

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Screw discharging kneader is widely used for mixing, kneading, pulverizing, stirring, vulcanizing and repolymerizing high viscosity and high elastic plastic materials. The kneader stirs evenly, has no dead ends, and has high kneading efficiency. This machine has a wide range of functions, a wide range of varieties, and a wide range of uses. It is especially suitable for chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastics, rubber, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, inks, food glues, medicines, architectural coatings, carbon, fibrin, and high-viscosity seals. Glue, neutral glass glue, aluminum silver paste, silica gel, paper pulp and fiber. Such as pigments, battery size, dyes, silicone resins, cosmetics, etc. The ordinary screw extruder is composed of a pair of rotating and rotating sigma blades with good shearing effect. The semi-dry or rubber-like viscous plastic material can make the material react quickly and obtain uniform mixing. The speed of the two blades is different. According to different processes, different speeds can be set. The most common speed is 42/28 revolutions per minute.

  The screw discharging kneader is composed of five parts: the kneading part, the frame part, the hydraulic system, the transmission system, and the electrical control system. The hydraulic system operates the large oil cylinder through the hydraulic station to complete the opening and closing functions. The hydraulic system operates the cylinder through the hydraulic station to complete functions such as cylinder rotation and cover opening. Users can choose and request details at any time, and the operation is convenient and reliable. The transmission system consists of a motor, a reducer and a gear. The motor is selected according to the model of the kneader.

  The transmission part of the ordinary screw extruder kneader is driven by the synchronous speed of the motor. After being connected with the elastic coupling of the reducer, the output device drives the fast pulp to the specified speed, and the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion. According to the demand, it is designed to heat or not to heat. Heat transfer generally includes electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, circulating water cooling and so on. Ordinary screw extruder, kneader, discharge method, screw extruder, etc. The contact part of the cylinder block is made of SUS304 stainless steel product quality assurance.

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