Can you get the superiority of the planetary mixer?

2021-11-03 14:10:12 admin 2

The planetary mixer adopts the planetary mixing mode. The unique rotation and revolution of the mixing arm are designed to make the mixing track cover the entire mixing drum every 6 seconds, so that the material is stirred more finely and uniformly, and can meet high homogeneity. The material mixing achieves higher material mixing efficiency and better mixing quality.


The planetary mixer, known as the new type of cement product mixer, can operate both horizontally and vertically during the mixing of materials. From a microscopic point of view, this operation mode is more conducive to breaking the agglomeration of cement particles and enabling the cement molecules to fully Combined with water molecules, it truly realizes high homogeneity at the microscopic level.


We know that only by improving the high homogeneity of the mixing of materials can the waste rate of cement products be reduced and the high quality that satisfies customers can be achieved. The planetary mixer has successfully boarded the mixer with its own excellence and high mixing performance. The big stage of the industry has become a veritable high-quality cement product mixing machine.


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