How are silicone products made?

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  Introduction to the production method of silicone products:

1. Preparation of silica gel raw materials: it becomes a silicone rubber material by mixing the purchased silica gel raw materials with various collocation agents.

2. Plasticizing method: Silicone rubber has strong elasticity, so it is easy to mix in the manufacturing process. Due to the lack of plasticity necessary for manufacturing, it is not easy to manufacture.

3. Mixing method: After passing the open mixing, for the selection of silica gel products in various industries and the different characteristics, various cooking agents will be added to the manufacture of silica gel raw materials, and then mixed in the rubber mixing machine. After mixing, what is obtained after mixing is the raw material for the manufacture of semi-finished silica gel with various characteristics.

4. Vulcanization shaping extrusion molding method: All silicone products are formed in the molding vulcanizing machine or extruder in the molding process stage of the molding process. After the completion of the manufacturing, various finished products are produced.

  The conclusions of the above four methods are summarized: rubber products and silicone products are almost produced by the same method and different materials in the production process. The big difference between silicone products and rubber-plastic products is that silicone products are non-toxic. Odorless, safe and environmentally friendly. Rubber and plastic products can cause some harm to the body. Many silicone products have already replaced rubber and plastic products. However, because the cost of raw materials for silicone products and rubber and plastic products is different, the method of selection is different.

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