What is the machinery for making synthetic fibers?

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 Static mixing machine  is a novel high-viscosity material mixing equipment, especially suitable for continuous production of silicone sealant. It is composed of static mixer, hydraulic system, quantitative metering system, valve body, integrated electric control system, air control system, frame and other components. The static mixer is the core of the whole set of equipment.

  The static mixer is currently a new type of advanced mixing equipment in China. It is widely used in liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, liquid-gas, gas-gas mixing, emulsification, absorption, extraction, reaction, enhanced heat transfer and other processes. It is a chemical industry Ideal mixing equipment for, medicine, food, synthetic fiber, plastics, environmental protection, mining and metallurgy, papermaking, gas and other sectors. It has a wide range of applications, large operating flexibility, simple process, reasonable structure, low investment, low energy consumption, and quick results. Etc.

  The static mixer introduced according to the characteristics of sealant production is particularly suitable for the process requirements of the sealant industry. It can realize automatic metering, automatic addition, and continuous automatic production of multi-component materials, thereby ensuring the stability of product quality and greatly reducing production Waste. The technical level has reached the international advanced level, comparable to foreign equipment of the same type, and has a very high cost performance.

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