What is the production process of hot melt adhesive? How to configure the production line?

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  In the production process of the hot melt line, the base material production process of the hot melt adhesive generally adopts a reaction kettle or a kneader, and heats, cools, and vacuums according to the different technological formulas of different types of hot melt adhesives. But after the base material is completed, which shape of hot melt adhesive should be made, the supporting equipment behind this is different. Look at the production of different forms of hot melt adhesive, the entire production line needs to be equipped with these equipment:

1. Hot melt adhesive (block):

Reactor (or kneader), stirring storage tank (optional), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, roller conveyor, heating system, vacuum system, etc.

2. Hot melt adhesive (granular):

Reaction kettle (or kneader + stirring storage tank), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, discharge die (or extruder), cooling water tank, traction pelletizer, vibrating screen, cyclone heating System, vacuum system, etc.

3. Hot melt adhesive (strip): reaction kettle (or kneader + stirring storage tank), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, screw extruder, cooling water tank, traction cutting machine, heating system, Vacuum system and so on.


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