What equipment is used to produce silicone sealant?

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Silicone sealant equipment, silicone sealant production equipment, neutral silicone sealant production equipment, silicone sealant kneader, silicone sealant mixer, silicone sealant strong dispersion machine-Foshan JCT provides you !

The silicone sealant production equipment produced by our company has won the favor and recognition of the industry due to its excellent product quality, advanced technology and perfect after-sales service system. Welcome to inquire and negotiate, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

The silicone sealant equipment produced by our company is widely used in silicone sealants, automotive sealants, glass sealants, neutral silicone sealants, neutral silicone weather-resistant adhesives, polyurethane sealants, glass adhesives, electronic silicone, liquids Production lines for silica gel, silicone oil refining, high temperature glue, mold glue, etc.

Complete set of production equipment for silicone sealant: reactor—107 glue production → kneader—glass glue base material production → three-roller—material grinding → powerful disperser/planetary mixer/power mixer—dispersion, stirring, mixing , Reaction, vacuuming→hydraulic discharging machine--hydraulic discharging→full-automatic/semi-automatic filling. Users can select the equipment according to actual needs.

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