The basic parameter information that can make high-viscosity glue kneader

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  The ordinary rubber kneader is a horizontal mixer with two Sigma or Z blades. These blades are driven by independent gears of different speeds, one running faster than the other. The kneader has a powerful motor and a reducer to drive the two blades. The kneading reactor usually has a W-shaped barrel with a hydraulic tilt to turn it, and a heating jacket on the outside.


Our kneader is an ideal equipment for kneading, mixing, crushing, dispersing and repolymerizing rubber, silicone rubber, adhesives, resins, high-viscosity sealants, glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum and other high-viscosity materials or elastoplastic materials. Dough, toffee, plasticine, toothpaste, paint, dye, pigment, printing ink, hot melt sealant, plastic, medicine, pulp, carbon fiber, cosmetics, battery, food, etc.


1. Volume: 5L-5000L 2. Material: stainless steel 304 / 316L, carbon steel 3. State: brand new, 100% made by Laizhou Xinhongda 4. Stirring paddle: Sigma / Z-shaped blade 5. Speed control: PLC system is available According to the requirements, the frequency converter is used to control the speed of the blade. 6. Optional type: ordinary kneader/vacuum kneader/pressure kneader 7. Optional heating method: electric heating method/steam heating method, water cooling system can be selected

8. Optional unloading method: hydraulic rotary cylinder pumping type/ball valve unloading type/screw extrusion type/manual dumping type


1. Using stainless steel 304/316L and carbon steel materials, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance; 2. Excellent mixing and kneading performance in the wet, pasting and sticking stages; 3. Large workload kneader can effectively handle large product volumes; 4. Various volumes are widely used in large-scale production and small-scale laboratory project research; 5. Closed design, cleaner production environment;

6. Smooth operation, convenient installation and maintenance;

7. PLC system, easy to operate.

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