What production equipment is used to make the rubber compound?

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The rubber compound automatic production line is a complete set of equipment, which includes conveying, metering, mixing and other devices, which are connected by a control system so that various compounding components can be conveyed, metered and mixed in the production of compound rubber.

  The rubber compound has 10-15 components or more. If it is hard, loose, highly dispersed and liquid, these components are taken in a certain proportion. The content of each component in the rubber compound should maintain high quality and accuracy. The mixing equipment works at high speed, so the complete weighing system needs to weigh the various components added to the internal mixer within 2 to 3 minutes. All of these requirements should be considered when selecting equipment and mixing mechanism for sub-weighing and conveying systems. The batching conveying system with hopper, as well as the metering device and the internal mixer feeding device are the most cumbersome. Feeding and metering devices are generally arranged on three floors to ensure that most materials can flow from one operating position to another.


  The mixing equipment is installed at the bottom of the plant, that is, at zero height, or on a dedicated floor, because the mixing equipment is the heaviest in the assembly line and can generate a lot of vibration during work.

  Various metering systems are used in the production line of rubber compounding: individual, centralized and composite metering systems. A separate metering system is used for a single rubber internal mixer, while a centralized metering system is used for several internal mixers. The compound metering system is to weigh the ingredients of various components together in a quantitative manner, and supply them to each internal mixer through a dedicated conveying pipeline, while the remaining components are directly weighed at the internal mixer.

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  A separate metering system does not need to install a large number of complex conveying devices, but when using it, a large hopper equipment must be used, and each internal mixer must be equipped with a set of weighing devices.
  In modern production, in order to complete the weighing of various components within a time equivalent to a mixing cycle, only automatic or semi-automatic measurement systems can be used. The situation of the assembly line equipped with a semi-automatic weighing system is as follows. Some ingredients (raw rubber and a small amount of filling ingredients) are suitable for manual weighing.
  In addition to the metering, conveying and mixing equipment, some additional processing, cooling, purification and granulation equipment for the rubber compound are sometimes installed in the assembly line.

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