How to maintain the reactor to make the reactor last longer?

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1. Use special cleaning agent for stainless steel reactor. It can dissolve the scale and microbial sludge in the kettle well to achieve the purpose of descaling

2. Chemical cleaning. Add chemical cleaning substances to the cleaning agent to cause a chemical reaction in the reactor to remove dirt. 3. Mechanical cleaning. Mainly use the characteristics of the machine itself, add a certain substance to the reactor for stirring, to achieve the effect of descaling.

Reactor maintenance

1. Precautions for the use of stainless steel reactor

1. Strictly avoid metal or hard materials falling into the kettle when feeding, so as not to damage the equipment.

2. After the stainless steel reactor is installed, it must be qualified before it can be put into use.

3. The heating or cooling of the equipment must conform to the operating temperature range.

4. The reducer must be refueled before use, and the oil must be changed regularly.

5. When using the jacket, the temperature should be slowly generated and heated, and the working pressure range should not be exceeded.

2. Maintenance of stainless steel reactor equipment

1. Pay close attention to whether the safe operation indicator is sensitive and correct. If any inaccuracy is found, troubleshoot in time

2. Frequently check the equipment for damage and abnormal conditions, stop the machine for inspection if necessary, and take remedial measures in time if it is damaged.

3. Establish a system for equipment use and maintenance, earnestly keep records of operation and maintenance, but ensure the normal use of equipment to prevent accidents.

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