Steam jacketed reactor is suitable for those enterprises?

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Steam jacketed reactors are more suitable for users who have no steam heat source, such as schools, corporate laboratories, etc. Generally, the volume of the reactor body is relatively small. There is an electric heating pipe heating device in the interlayer, and a certain amount of heat transfer medium (such as heat transfer oil or water) is injected into the interlayer, and the heat transfer oil is heated through the electric heating pipe. For the purpose of indirect heat transfer, this is an oil bath electric heating, equipped with an electric control cabinet, which can realize automatic temperature control and centralized operation. It can also use heat-conducting oil circulating heating method.

The steam jacketed reactor is a closed container that can decompose insoluble substances. It can be used for sample dissolution pretreatment in atomic absorption spectroscopy and plasma emission analysis; it can also be used for small-dose synthesis reactions; it can also use strong acid or Strong alkali, high temperature and high pressure airtight environment to achieve the purpose of rapid digestion of insoluble substances. It is widely used in scientific research experiments in the fields of new materials, energy, environmental engineering, etc. It is a commonly used small reactor for scientific research in university teaching, scientific research units, and chemical laboratories.


  The operating procedures of the steam jacketed reactor:

  1. The agitator of the reactor should be turned on before feeding. When there is no noise and normal, the feed should be added to the reactor. The quantity of feed should not exceed the process requirements.

   2. Before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first, and then open the intake valve. The steam valve should be opened slowly to preheat the jacket and gradually increase the pressure. The pressure in the jacket should not exceed the specified value.

  3. The steam valve and the cooling valve cannot be activated at the same time. Hammering and collision are not allowed when the steam pipe is over gas.

  4. When opening the cooling water valve, first open the return valve and then the inlet valve. The pressure of the cooling water shall not be lower than 0.1 MPa, nor higher than 0.2 MPa.

  5. For water ring vacuum pumps, the pump must be turned on first and then the water will be supplied. When the pump is stopped, the pump must be stopped first and then the water must be removed, and the water in the pump should be removed.

  6. Check the operation of the reactor at any time, and stop for maintenance if any abnormality is found.

  7. When cleaning, do not brush the reaction kettle with alkaline water, and be careful not to damage the enamel.

   8. When shoveling the pot, the power of the mixer must be cut off, a warning sign should be hung, and a person must be supervised.

   9. Regular technical inspections must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of pressure vessels. If the inspection fails, no operation is allowed.

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