What is the working principle of the planetary mixer?

2021-11-20 16:43:07 admin 0

  Planetary dispersion mixer is a new type of high-efficiency non-dead-point mixing and stirring equipment. There are two or three stirring blades and 1-2 automatic wall scrapers in the kettle. The rotation speed rotates at high speed around its own axis, which makes the material move in a complicated way in the kettle body, subject to strong shearing and kneading. At present, common planetary mixers usually consist of two low-speed planetary stirring paddles (usually multi-inclined paddle type, twist type, frame type), one or two high-speed planetary stirring paddles (dispersing discs) and wall scraping paddles.

  Blade form: double twist type + high-speed dispersion shaft, double door frame type + high-speed dispersion shaft, multi-layer blades + high-speed dispersion shaft

  Application materials: high viscosity and high solid content adhesives, glues, slurries, pastes, etc.

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