Safe cleaning of magnetic reactor

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    Magnetic reactor is a common typical equipment in the chemical industry, which is widely used in various gas-liquid, liquid-liquid and liquid-solid reaction processes.

    Cleaning method: manual cleaning by entering the kettle manually: low cost is its advantage, but it requires several hours of ventilation before entering the kettle. During the cleaning process, the oxygen concentration in the kettle must be monitored at any time, there is a risk of hypoxia; at the same time, manual scraping In addition to not being able to clean up completely, the shovel will also cause slippage on the inner wall of the magnetic reactor. These slippage marks objectively cause further adhesion of the residue. People entering the kettle for cleaning can also cause product hygiene problems. Generally speaking, it takes about half a day to a whole day to clean up a magnetic reactor.

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    Manual cleaning of the magnetic reactor is also a consumption of human physical strength, and due to the occurrence of hypoxia at any time, so when cleaning, multiple workers are required to replace it. The magnetic reactor can not only improve the efficiency of cleaning, but also And it can save resources very well.

    The treatment of the damaged surface of the enamel of the magnetic reactor, the use of modified epoxy resin to repair the magnetic reactor, the success or failure depends on the bonding effect of the epoxy resin and the damaged surface of the enamel magnetic reactor. The complete wetting of the adhesive on the surface of the adherend is a necessary condition for obtaining high bonding strength. Reasonably roughen the surface of the adherend to form a new surface layer, which can increase the wettability of the adhesive and effectively increase the bonding area to achieve high-strength bonding. Incubate at 180°C for 30 minutes for quenching treatment. This is a critical step. Poor temperature control or improper handling will cause warpage and deformation of the repair layer. The quenching condition we obtained is that when the temperature of the surface to be repaired is naturally cooled from the heat preservation state to about 150°C, the repair layer is cross-painted with a brush dipped in the quenching solution, and the quenching solution is boiling edible vegetable oil until it reaches room temperature.

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