Precautions for welding of magnetic reactor

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The magnetic reactor is a typical innovation of the magnetic transmission device applied to the reaction equipment, which fundamentally solves the problem of shaft seal leakage that cannot be overcome by the previous packing seals and mechanical seals. The device has no leakage, no pollution, and is a high temperature and high pressure chemical reaction device. While using it, we cannot ignore the safety issues it brings. Precautions before using the magnetic reactor:

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1. Sealing performance

The magnetic reactor is a kind of precision equipment. The sealing ring adopts the form of conical contact seal. Tighten the main bolts to make them tight to each other to achieve the purpose of sealing. Therefore, special care must be taken to seal the cone to avoid damage caused by various collisions. If the sealing surface is damaged, it needs to be reworked and repaired to restore good sealing performance.


2. Sealing operation

The inlet valve and outlet valve of the magnetic reactor are sealed with needle valves. When closing, just turn the valve needle slightly and press the cap tightly to achieve a good seal. Do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the sealing surface.


3. Temperature rise and pressure test

  The magnetic reaction kettle should be heated and pressurized for sealing test before use. The test medium can be air and nitrogen, but inert gas is used. The use of oxygen or other flammable and explosive gases is strictly prohibited. Heating and pressurization must be done slowly. The heating speed does not exceed 80 degrees per hour.


4. Cooling process

The magnetic reaction kettle is forbidden to be rapidly cooled and heated during the reaction process to prevent the kettle body from cracking due to excessive temperature stress. After the reaction is over, the temperature should be lowered first, which can be cooled with water or air, and then the high-pressure gas in the kettle is released to reduce the pressure to normal pressure and then open. In the process of opening the lid, special care should be taken to protect the sealing surface, and avoid damage caused by collision between the lid's sealing ring and the body when the lid is lifted.

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