What are the structural characteristics of the kneader?

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  The kneader is an ideal equipment for kneading, mixing, vulcanizing, and polymerizing high-viscosity, elastic-plastic materials. The kneader can be used to produce silicone rubber, sealant, hot melt adhesive, food gum base, pharmaceutical preparations, etc. The kneader is a special mixing and stirring equipment. It uses two Σ blades and a side-by-side tangent differential arrangement, that is, one stirring blade is fast, and the other is slow to generate shear force. Different paddle speeds enable rapid shearing of the mixed materials, so that the materials can be mixed evenly.

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   1. The kneader generally adopts a through chassis for easy installation.
   2. It adopts helical gear or hard-tooth surface reducer to make the transmission with the main engine smooth, low noise and long life.
   3. The mixing blade and the inner wall of the mixing tank are made of SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel to ensure the purity of the product.
  4. Advanced shaft seal structure and good sealing effect. The unique design of the vacuum box balance structure ensures that no black material will be ground.
  5. Integrated electrical control (host operation, hydraulic cylinder turning, hydraulic uncovering and constant temperature control) and temperature control and temperature display for easy operation and process control.

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