Screw extrusion kneader is an important machine for mixing glue

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  The screw discharging kneader is divided into electric heating and steam heating. The special screw extrusion kneader is specially designed for the materials that need to be formed at one time after the mixing and kneading is completed. This type of machine can be used for multiple purposes and replace the mold For the first time, the screw extrusion kneader has high efficiency, and the contact material is made of stainless steel to ensure the chemical properties of the product. The machine is novel in design, reliable in work, and simple in operation. It is an ideal equipment for users. The transmission part is sealed with packing, and the discharging method is screw extrusion or hydraulic retaining cylinder or bottom discharging. Configurable ball valve for discharging. Widely used in high temperature silicone rubber, sealants, plastic additives, adhesives, and even the food industry. Equipped with a control cabinet and an optional frequency converter.

  Performance characteristics of screw extrusion kneader:

The kneader is a w-shaped cylinder with two stirring paddles inside. The stirring paddles have different rotation speeds and move towards each other and squeeze inward. The kneader can be equipped with a vacuum system, which can be exhausted by vacuuming, decompressing, extracting volatiles and dehydrating;

  The kneader can also be heated or cooled: it can be heated by heat transfer oil or steam, or cooled by water; discharging method: hydraulic cylinder I discharging, valve discharging and screw discharging;

The speed of the kneading paddle can be adjusted by a frequency converter, and many technical performances are available to meet the user's advanced production process requirements.

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