Introduction to the characteristics and scope of application of the double planetary mixer

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    The reason why the double planetary mixer can achieve a satisfactory mixing effect is mainly because when the planet carrier rotates, it will drive the three mixing shafts in the box to revolve around the barrel; at the same time, the mixing shaft rotates at a high speed, so that the material is affected. Intense shearing and kneading effect can achieve the purpose of full dispersion and mixing.

    Not only that, there is also a wall scraper on the planet carrier of the double planetary mixer that rotates with the planet carrier to continuously wipe the barrel wall, so that there is no residual material on the barrel wall and improve the mixing effect. The unique structure and performance characteristics make the double planetary mixer widely used in various industries.

    There is a soft seal between the mechanical seal of the double planetary mixer and the kettle body, so that the material can be operated under vacuum; at the same time, the equipment can be heated by electricity, steam, water and oil circulation. The unique temperature detection device on the drive shaft ensures that the material temperature error is less than ± 1℃, the jacket, the bottom jacket, the inner coil of the jacket, and the baffle can be cooled.

    The revolution and rotation of the mixing paddle inside the double planetary mixer are all controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, so it can choose different speeds according to different processes and different viscosities. Usually the speed measurement system will directly give different speeds of the stirring paddles at that time, which is very simple.

    At present, the double planetary mixer has been used in energy, electronic appliances, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and other industries. Through it, it can easily and effectively complete the dispersion and mixing of various materials, and obtain excellent mixing effects.

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