What product is best for butyl glue

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The kneader is a machine composed of a pair of meshing and rotating Z-shaped or S-shaped blades for the uniform mixing of semi-dry or viscous materials. It is also a machine for kneading, mixing, vulcanizing, also the ideal equipment for polymerizing high-viscosity, elastic-plastic materials.


The kneader is a special mixing equipment with two Sigma blades. The fast blade usually rotates at 42 revolutions per minute and the slow blade usually rotates at 28 revolutions per minute. The different speeds of the blades enable the mixed materials to be stirred quickly. .


The kneader is mainly composed of five parts: the kneading part, the base part, the hydraulic system, the transmission system and the electronic control system. In the hydraulic system, a hydraulic station controls the large oil cylinder to complete the opening and closing function, and the hydraulic system uses a hydraulic station to control the oil cylinder to complete functions such as cylinder turning and lid opening. The detailed parameters can be arbitrarily selected and operated by the user. Convenient and reliable. The transmission system is composed of a motor, a reducer and a gear, and the motor is matched according to the model of the kneader

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