3 major development trends of tire sealant in 2022

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     It is understood that my country's dependence on imported natural rubber is as high as 80%, and 50% of tire manufacturing costs come from natural rubber. At present, due to multiple factors such as the epidemic, trade barriers, and rising raw materials, the development of my country's tire industry is facing many challenges. How to get rid of the constraints of the source of natural rubber is a problem that many head tire manufacturers have been thinking about.

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     To Eucommia gum is a high-quality natural rubber resource with development potential in my country. It has the three characteristics of double bond, flexibility, and trans-structure. It can beused as rubber high-elastic materials, low-temperature plastic materials and thermoelastic materials, which is conducive to giving rubber products more excellent performance. Eucommia rubber industry covers a wide range and can be widely used in tire manufacturing, aerospace, medical, national defense, shipbuilding and other fields.


     Take the tire application as an example: only a small amount of eucommia rubber is added to the tire tread rubber, which can make the tire more wear-resistant and highly elastic, Low heat generation, puncture resistance and other characteristics. Compared with the existing formula technology, the abrasion resistance of tires with eucommia rubber formula is increased by more than 40%, while maintaining good anti-blocking performance, while the heat generation of the rubber is kept at a low level, and the tire quality is significantly improved.


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