Indian customers negotiated rubber mixing equipment project

2017-04-04 20:00:50 MR.Y 12

April 13, 2017, JCT machinery has welcomed customers from India,India customers a line of three people, including two technical engineers, we met in the conference room customers, after preliminary communication, we learned that customers mainly want to produce  gross rubber,It's the white insulating glue inside that high voltage wire. It looks like a rubber compound, but it's kind of like a liquid silicone,After in-depth communication and our detailed and professional explanation, the customer confirmed what we want to purchase is "reactor", that is gross rubber equipment,The following picture is a picture of our foreign trade team and customers:

reactor / gross rubber equipment.jpg

Customer demand is very simple, we will assist customer selection, hoping to help customers, at the same time, thanks to the customer's visit and negotiation!

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