Brazil customers come to visit JCT machinery

2017-05-17 19:00:48 MR.Y 8

April 25th,After the rain sunny, JCT machinery ushered in a Brazil customer, with the unique Brazilian enthusiasm, we met customers in the conference room. According to the communication with customers, we understand that the customer is to want to buy China liquid silicone production equipment, because our company is very good reputation in the market both at home and abroad, customers off the plane after lunch came to the JCT machine, were happy with the conversation of our staff.

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Customers in Brazil that went straight to the theme we had introduced JCT machinery main business and the size of the factory, then we take a customer to visit the workshop, we recommend a kneading machine and strong dispersion machine to the customer, customer appreciation, and put forward their own needs, our company in the next one to record the customer guarantee on-demand, export products comply with international quality, customer satisfaction,

Then we go back to the meeting room to determine the equipment specifications and equipment needed, on both sides of the witness, Brazil signed a cooperation agreement with our customers, I hope to help customers to start production, thanks to the JCT mechanical customer trust!

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