Alkyd resin equipment is the most cost-effective combination

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An important application of phenolic resin is as a binder. Phenolic resin is a kind of multifunctional, compatible with various organic and inorganic fillers. The properly designed phenolic resin has a very fast wetting speed. And after cross-linking, it can provide the required mechanical strength, heat resistance and electrical properties for abrasive tools, refractory materials, friction materials and bakelite powder.

  Water-soluble phenolic resin or alcohol-soluble phenolic resin is used to impregnate paper, cotton cloth, glass, asbestos and other similar materials to provide them with mechanical strength, electrical properties, etc. Typical examples include electrical insulation and mechanical lamination manufacturing, clutch discs and filter paper for automotive filters.

    Compared with other resin systems, the phenolic resin system has the advantages of low smoke and low toxicity. In the case of combustion, the phenolic resin system produced with a scientific formula will slowly decompose to produce hydrogen, hydrocarbons, water vapor and carbon oxides. The smoke produced during the decomposition process is relatively small and the toxicity is relatively low. These characteristics make phenolic resin suitable for public transportation and areas with very strict safety requirements, such as mines, protective fences and construction industries.

    When selecting the phenolic resin reactor, the slurry type and baffle conditions are determined according to the purpose of stirring and the flow state. The flow state is determined by the viscosity of the stirring medium. Its use conditions are more specific, not only the slurry type and the purpose of stirring, but also the viscosity range of the propelled medium, the range of stirring speed and the range of tank capacity. The proposed selection table is also based on the purpose of mixing and the flow state during mixing. Its advantage is that it divides the use range of the slurry type according to the characteristics of different mixing processes, making the selection more specific.

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