What to do if the magnetic reactor seal leaks?

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The reactor adopts three methods of water heating, hot steam heating, and other medium heating to obtain temperature. It is necessary to add a jacket on the kettle body. Due to the large temperature change, the jacket and the shell of the kettle are subjected to temperature changes. Thermal stress. Using electric heating, the equipment is light and convenient, and the temperature is easy to adjust. The operation is very simple, the risk is small, the cost is low, energy saving, emission reduction, high temperature explosion! It can replace heat transfer oil and steam heating.

The magnetic reaction kettle is a chemical reaction kettle that operates intermittently and has good corrosion resistance.

Failure analysis:

1. Leakage at the discharge valve at the bottom of the reactor:

Reason: The valve sealing surface is damaged.

Solution: Replace the valve stem.

2. How loud is the noise in the magnetic stirrer:

Reason: Because the friction gap between the inner shaft sleeve and the bearing of the stirrer is too large, the inner magnetic steel rotates and the noise is too large.

Solution: Replace parts, replace the shaft sleeve or bearing according to the original model size.

3. The outer magnet of the reaction kettle rotates, but the inner magnet does not rotate, and the motor current decreases:

Reason: Due to high temperature or poor circulation of cooling water, when the inner magnet is demagnetized or hydrogenated due to high temperature, hydrogen will smash the magnet and the inner magnet will expand.

Solution: Replace the inner magnetic steel again.

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