The five most important elements of a reactor

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The five elements of the reactor : volume, working pressure, working temperature, stirring form, reaction medium.


    If you do not need to use these functions, it is not recommended to equip all the functions, which increases the cost and is not easy to operate. If sampling is not required, there is no need to install a sampling tube, no particulate catalyst, no filter and no high working pressure. There is no need to design high working pressure, such as non-digital display pressure, the pressure is small, it is difficult to accurately read, the reactor body is heavy, and the operation is inconvenient.


    1. As the working pressure increases, the reactor will become thicker and heavier, the range of the pressure gauge and the burst value of the safety valve will increase, and the pressure method will also change. Generally, steel gas cylinders are used for pressurization. If it is air, you can add up to 12MPA. If you do not increase the temperature and require a higher experimental pressure, you can only increase the pump equipment.


    2. The working temperature determines the type of stirring test. Generally, in a reactor stirred by a magnet, there is no cooling function between the stirring motor and the magnet, and the temperature cannot exceed 300 degrees. If the temperature exceeds this temperature, demagnetization will occur. In other words, it loses its magnetism, which means it cannot be stirred. If it exceeds 300 degrees, you can only use another stirring method, paddle stirring, you can use soft shaft magnetic coupling mechanical stirring or directly connected motor magnetic coupling mechanical stirring.


    3. Regarding the stirring form and the viscosity of the reaction medium, a three-blade propeller is usually used as the standard. If the viscosity is small, an anchor type stirring paddle can be constructed. If the viscosity is high, you can choose a shearing paddle.


    4. The size of the volume also determines the weight of the reactor. The size of the heater, the increase in cost, and the equipment of the kettle. For example, for a 10ML paddle-type stirred tank, the temperature measurement must be changed to the temperature control form on the tank wall, or the 10ML magnetic stirrer must be changed to an underground stirred tank that requires an internal tank and cannot be equipped with a filter.


    5.The viscosity of the reaction medium determines the form of the stirring paddle. The standard material of the reactor is 316L stainless steel. 316L stainless steel is suitable for experiments where weak acid weakens the reaction medium.


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