Indispensable device for resin reactor

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The interior of the stainless steel reactor will have a water separation device during the design process. Its main function is to drain most of the water and impurities inside the stainless steel reactor during use, thereby improving the quality of the resin.

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The stainless steel reaction kettle has more water separation devices, which can reduce energy loss and reduce the cost of use. This water dividing device is mainly composed of three parts: the switch valve, the sight glass and the take-over. It must be drained in time when it is used. It is necessary to avoid the water separator not functioning due to the failure of the water drainage in time, and also to avoid draining the water in time. Solvents are discharged as water, causing environmental pollution and waste of resources.


When the stainless steel reactor is in the reaction stage, the communication valve must be opened, so as to prevent the reactor from being unable to flow back when there is pressure in the reactor. In the case of vacuum feeding or discharging, the reflux valve and the vent valve must also be closed. So as not to draw the solvent and water in the water separator into the reactor.


Under normal circumstances, stainless steel reactors are effectively filled based on their actual needs, as long as they are not more than 80% in use; if you are quite familiar with the hydrothermal reactor reaction, you can fill up to 90%. When the filling degree in the reactor is small, the space left is larger, and at high temperature, the relative pressure is smaller.


     If the ligand solubility in the stainless steel reactor is small, the filling degree can be considered to be larger, so that the pressure will increase, but the filling degree should not be too large. If the boiling point of the solvent is high and the reaction temperature is low, the filling degree of the reactor can be a little larger, but in general, the situation that the boiling point of the solvent is high and the reaction temperature is low will not occur.


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