A must-see after using the reactor!

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    How should the reactor be cleaned? How do we clean the reactor after use? This time, let's talk about how to clean the reactor kettle!

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    Manual cleaning into the kettle: The cost is extremely advantageous, but several hours of ventilation are required before entering the reactor. During the cleaning process, the oxygen concentration in the kettle must be monitored at any time, and there is a danger of lack of oxygen; at the same time, manual scraping removes In addition to not being able to be cleaned completely, it will also cause slippage on the inner wall of the reactor, and these scratches will cause further adhesion of residues. People entering the kettle for reaction and cleaning will also cause problems in the hygiene of the output products. Generally speaking, it takes about half a day to a day to clean a reactor.

    The manual cleaning of the reaction kettle is also a consumption of human physical strength, and due to the phenomenon of hypoxia at any time, multiple workers are required to replace it during cleaning. The reaction kettle can not only improve the cleaning efficiency, but also can Very good resource saving.

    The reactor must be cleaned after we use it, and the reactor must be properly maintained.

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