Application of Magnetic Reactor

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Magnetic Reactor are laboratory instruments for liquid mixing, mainly for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring low-viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixtures. In the laboratory, it is often necessary to perform analytical operations while stirring the solution to be tested, such as pH value determination, potentiometric titration, and potentiometric determination of various ions, which are all performed on a magnetic stirrer. It can be said that the magnetic stirrer is an essential tool widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, scientific research, health, epidemic prevention, petroleum, metallurgy, medical and other units.



1. The power cord must be connected correctly before use to ensure the safety of equipment and persons.

2. When stirring, first adjust the speed adjustment knob to the minimum, then turn on the power and gradually adjust to the appropriate speed. If the speed is too fast, the stirring rotor will jump continuously. At this time, the speed should be immediately adjusted back to "low". ”, and then slowly accelerate after the rotor stops beating.

4. Liquids with high viscosity at room temperature often have poor thermal conductivity. When heating and stirring, it is not advisable to heat up quickly to prevent the container from breaking.

5. Intermittent use can prolong the service life.

6. Put the container at a suitable position on the metal tray, so that the stirring will not touch the wall of the container when rotating, otherwise the stirring will be 7. The stirring effect will be affected by the rapidity and slowness of the stirring.

8. Keep the outer walls of the container dry.

9. The power should be cut off in time when the magnetic stirrer is not in use.

10. Please pay attention to cleaning the magnetic stirrer and its surrounding environment.

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