Build a Boeing 737 in 9 days

2022-03-28 15:06:50 admin 2

  A Boeing 737 can be built in 9 days. How does its factory produce it? So far, Boeing's 737 series aircraft, cumulative orders have exceeded 15,000. One-third of all commercial aircraft in service worldwide are the 737 series. At Boeing's Washington plant in Renton, Washington, 42 737s can be built in one month. A Boeing 737 can be quickly assembled in 9 days. First, the produced airframe is shipped from Wichita, Kansas, USA. The city was transported to the Renton factory in Washington State by train. For the first three days, engineers were like building a house, doing the basic installation of internal systems, various pipes, electrical systems, insulation, etc. From the fourth day to the eighth day, the spare parts, cables, engines, landing gear, etc. of the aircraft are installed and tested. On the ninth day, the customer inspects and tests the factory, and the test flight is ready.

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