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silicone sealant

The production of  silicone sealant need the kneader mixer.The kneader mixer is an ideal equipment,design for mixing,kneading,crushing,dispering high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in unifrom mixing,no dead ends and high efficiency kneadering.Therefore,It is a good equipment to produce the silicone sealant and rtv silicone glue.

      kneader mixer

Kneader mixer have three heating methods which are electric heating,steam heating and oil circulation.So The production of  silicone sealant and rtv silicone glue,you can choose the heating method that you needs.As the same time,it has three discharge ways ,shcu as bottom discharge,screw discharge and hydraulic titing discharge.Therefore,you can choose the discharge method that suits your needs in the production of  silicone sealant.

kneader mixer

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