Iraq client came to visit the JCT Machinery to discuss the acid glass glue

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       acid glass glue

       On the afternoon of November 11th,The Iraq client came to visit JCT company LTD.he wanted to discuss with us about the acid glass glue in this time.The high speed disperser is an important equipment for producing the acid glass glue.Due to we have our factory, when he arriced  our company ,he said that he would like to visit our factory and the High speed disperser.

High speed disperser

       After visiting the factory ,our manager introduced many details to him about the high speed disperser in the office.The High speed disperser has three motors, the kettle has three different types of agitators, one of the stirrer around the kettle axis rotation,the other two mixing devices at different speeds, high-speed rotation around its axis, the material in the kettle for complex sports, subject to intense shear and rubbing.The powerful dispersion machine cylinder head can take hydraulic lift, its cylinder can move freely, so the operation is very convenient.In the mixer form, according to your material requirements, you can choose multi-blade, box, butterfly, impeller, etc.So it is good machine to produce the acid glass glue.He was satistied with our dipersion machine. As his factory have not finished,he want to order high speed disperser next month.

High speed disperser

       If you are interested in our machine and want to produce acid glass glue ,you can contact us as much as possible.Be the way, you can visit our company website are appreciating your coming.

                          high speed disperser

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