Producing high temperature silicone rubber need the kneader mixer

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         high temperature silicone rubber

            High temperature silicone rubber is based on the methyl or vinyl group containing linear high polymer polyorganosiloxane (commonly known as raw rubber), with reinforcing fillers, incremental fillers and to give a variety of additives to the performance of the preparation Into the base rubber.

kneader mixer

          The main raw material for high temperature silicone rubber adopts methyl or vinyl raw rubber, adding a variety of materials such as silica, bridging agent, structure controlling agent and coupling agent, etc.High temperature silicone rubber is used for auto parts, automotive front and rear spindle seals, front and rear crankshaft seals, power steering pump seals, transmission pump seals, dust covers, power steering hose, 175 degree radiator hose. And it is made through the mixing reaction of the kneader mixer. As a manufacturer of Kneader mixer, we can provide you with different types of Kneader mixer.

kneader mixer

            The kneading mxier is used in the production of high temperature silicone rubber. it is an ideal equipment,design for mixing,knedading,crushing,dipersing high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in uniform mixing,no dead ends and high effiency kneadinging.If you want to know more machine information, please contact us as much as possible.

kneader mixer

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