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       Industrial silicone adhesive

        Industrial silicone adhesive is composed of one-component silicone polymer compounds, peel strength, adhesion, lap shear strength and high temperature viscosity and other characteristics of a comprehensive balance of play characteristics.  

kneader machine

     Industrial silicone adhesive can be used for vulcanization forming silicone rubber and silicone rubber, silicone and plastic, silicone and metal (stainless steel, iron, tinplate, steel, copper, etc.), resin, glass fiber, ceramic bonding. At the same time it can also be applied to imports, domestic silicone rubber and a variety of substrate bonding,which is a good adhesive between the silicone and silicone adhesive. 

kneader machine

           The kneader machine is an ideal equipment,design for mixing,kneader mixing,kneading,crushing,dispering high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in uniform mixing,no dead ends and high effiency kneading.When you want to  produce the industrial silicone adhesive,you can choose the kneader machine.The JCT company is excelent suppier in the producing and exporting chemical,if you interest the jacket reactor ,please contact us as much as possible.

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