what machine can produce rv silicone sealant?

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      rv silicone sealant

       The rv silicone sealant is polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material,supplemented by cross-linking agent, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, catalyst in a vacuum mixed state of the paste.It is cured at room temperature by reacting with airborne water to form an elastic silicone rubber.

kneading machine

    The Rv silicone sealant can be used in the bonding of aluminum alloy doors and windows,gusset doors and windows, porous stone, laminated glass,insulating glass, mirror glass, coated glass, inc,copper,iron,etc.seal.And what machine can produce the rv silicone sealant?The kneader mixer is excelent equipment which can produce the rv silicone sealant.It mainly through the mixing,kneading,crushing, polymerization and other steps, so as to achieve rapid mixing of raw materials.

kneading machine

      With the production of rv silicone sealant, the kneader machine have three discharge ways which are bottom discharge,screw discharge,hydraulic tilting discharge.So the kneader machine is an excelent equipment that produce the rv silicone sealant.The JCT company is specicalizing in producing and exporting chemical machine for 11 years, which has enough experience and a strong technical team in chemcial machine.If you want to produce the silicone sealant ,please contact the JCT company as much as possible.

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