Algerian clients visit to negotiate conductive silicone grease equipment

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After the previous period of conductive silicone equipment communication, on June 5, 2018, JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. received customers from Algeria in the company meeting room.

strong dispersing machine

What is conductive silicone grease? Conductive silicone grease is a kind of silicone grease. Its features are not only good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity but also corrosion resistance and easy to use. Conductive grease is mainly used for strong electrical circuit connection joints, so that good contact, reduce thermal resistance and contact resistance, especially for different types of metal connections, can prevent galvanic corrosion, make the line safe and reliable, and extend life.

Algerian clients visit to negotiate conductive silicone grease equipment

The main silicone grease equipment is strong dispersing machine. Algeria's customers conducted a series of discussions with our engineers on the technical parameters and equipment configuration of the strong dispersing machine, and then we invited the customer to move to the production workshop to observe the production status of the equipment at close range.

Finally, we thank our customers for their support and trust in JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. 

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