What is horizontal mixer?

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The horizontal mixer has a good effect on the mixing of viscous or agglomerated powder and granules, and the mixing of liquid and paste materials in the powder and granules. The cylinder cover can be made into a full-open door to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment.

horizontal mixer

The horizontal mixer consists of a container, spiral stirring blades and a transmission part. Spiral blades are generally made of double or triple layers. The outer spiral collects the material from both sides to the center. The inner spiral conveys the material from both sides of the center to form convection mixing.

horizontal ribbon mixer

        The bottom of the horizontal mixer cylinder is provided with a discharge port, and the spiral structure of the outer spiral belt drives the material inside the cylinder wall to discharge to the central discharge port in accordance with the rotation direction of the main shaft, so as to ensure that there is no dead angle of material discharge in the cylinder.

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