High speed dispersing machine for paint

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Paint is an indispensable chemical product in the furniture and home improvement industry, but the safety of paint has also plagued us.The added formaldehyde in the paint has the greatest hazard. Formaldehyde has a strong irritative effect on the skin and mucous membranes. It is a combination of the original pulp poisons and proteins that produce formaldehyde in the body and has a strong damage to the retina.

high dispersing machine

In recent years, formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly paints have been welcomed by more and more people. Do you know what kind of equipment is used to produce these environmentally friendly paints?

High speed dispersing machine is one of the components of the paint production equipment, namely the disperse system. High speed dispersing machine can crush, disperse, emulsify and mix the paint.In addition to high speed dispersing machine, the paint production equipment also includes a feed system, a grinding system, a paint adjustment system, a discharge and filtration system, a filling system, a control system, an operation platform, and a color paste production section.

high speed disperser

The components of high speed dispersing machine consist of five parts: mechanical lift, main drive, stirring system, guide mechanism, and electric control box. The structure of each part is compact and reasonable. What’s more,high speed dispersing machine uses electromagnetism speed control, frequency conversion speed control and three-speed motor and other specifications to run stable and powerful, suitable for various viscosity.

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