• High speed dispersing machine for paint

    In recent years, formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly paints have been welcomed by more and more people. Do you know what kind of equipment is used to produce these environmentally friendly paints?


    07-23 / 2022

  • Shock! The paint is made with this equipment.

    Do you know what kind of equipment is produced by brands such as nippon, Dulux, Carpoly and so on? Actually, it is not complicated as you imagine. The paint dispersing machine produced by JCT Machinery can help you.


    09-08 / 2020

  • A brief discussion on the working characteristics of High Speed Disperser

    The main features of high speed disperser: The high speed disperser adopts all kinds of specifications, such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and three speed, stable and powerful operation, suitable for various kinds of viscosity; hydraulic and mechanical two kinds of lifting and lifting form, rise and fall and rotate freely, adapt to various positions;


    04-09 / 2018

  • Do you know High speed dispersing machine ?

    The high-speed disperser is an efficient device for stirring, dispersing, and dissolving solids such as paint. High-speed disperser is one of the components of the paint production equipment, that is, the disperse system.


    06-13 / 2018

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