How to properly maintain the kneader machine?

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The main maintenance and measures are as follows:

1. Before the trial run, clean the kneader machine chamber, decontaminate and wipe the rust-proof grease. The kneader machine runs for 10-15 minutes to confirm that the machine is operating normally and then put into production. Usually, the new machine gear (including the speed reducer) has a large amount of noise during its initial use and will naturally decrease after a period of time.

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2. The lubrication parts of the kneader machine should always be filled with lubricating oil. The oil per shift should not be less than two times. Press-in type oil lubrication is used to press in butter once every twenty days. The oil pool is lubricated and replaced every three months.

3. Often check the kneading machine steam pipe and the joint, do not allow leakage phenomenon.

4. Kneader machine wallboard shaft seals should be properly adjusted or replaced according to wear conditions.

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5. When the kneading machine uses steam heating, the inlet pipe shall be fitted with a safety valve and a pressure gauge, and the steam pressure shall not exceed the pressure requirement of the mixing cylinder with the knowledge of the sign.

6. The kneader machine shall be inspected for operation for six months and checked for fragile parts and appropriate repairs or replacements.

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