What is vertical ribbon blender ?

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The stirring part of the vertical ribbon blender is two asymmetric cantilever helix; They rotate at the same time and surround the central axis of the conical container. The rotation of the rotary arm is used to make a planetary revolution near the cone wall. The equipment through the screw of the public, rotation so that the material repeatedly promoted, in the cone produced shear, convection, diffusion and other composite movement, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing.

vertical ribbon blender

Structure Characteristics:

1. The vertical ribbon blender cylinder adapts to the high requirement of no residue of the mixed material.

2. The soft stirring speed of the vertical ribbon blender will not damage the fragile materials.

3, the mixing of vertical ribbon blender on the chemical reaction of the material has a better synergy.

Scope of application:

Vertical ribbon blender is widely used in chemical industry, paint, pigments, dyes and auxiliaries, and other industries, solid-solid mixing, solid-liquid mixing, liquid-liquid mixing.

vertical ribbon blender

The vertical ribbon blender has the characteristics of short mixing time, high production capacity, uniform mixing, high efficiency, convenient unloading and quick discharging. The vertical ribbon blender to the mixture of wide adaptability, the composition of heat-sensitive materials will not produce a stratified segregation phenomenon, the particles will not crush and grinding, the coarse, fine and ultrafine particles, such as a variety of granules, fibers or flake materials mixed with a good adaptability.

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